Are 8 hour tea lights safe?

8 hour Tealights are meant for tealight holders and not for the use of wax melt burners.
This is because the 8-hour tealights will provide too much heat.
8 hour tealights will burn your wax too quickly letting the fragrance burn into the atmosphere quickly or burning the fragrance so that it has no scent to wrap your room in beautiful aromas.
Something you definitely don’t want when you come to use wax melts.

Having your wax melt burner on for a long period of time (4+ Hours) can cause damage to your wax melt burner. It can cause hairline cracks, fractures and even holes may form in the wax melt burner.
Obviously, this is highly dangerous and can be a fire hazard. Please ensure that you are checking your wax melt burner frequently to ensure that it is safe to use as this will reduce the potential risk of fires.

Using scented tealight candles is also a thing NOT to do when using wax melts.
By using a scented tealight candle it will mean that all the fragrances are competing and mixing together in the air which can leave some unpleasant or uncomplimentary aromas.

We strongly recommend purchasing 4-hour UNSCENTED tealights to use in your wax melt burner.

4 hour tealight
Only use your wax melt burner for 4-hour periods and then switch to another wax melt burner or have a little break from them and let your wax melt burner cool down for an hour or two.

The more we use wax melts the more the fragrance dilutes over time and we also become accustomed to their aromas.
Please don’t purchase 8 hour or scented tealights, even if they are on offer!

Too Many Tealights....
How NOT to use your wax melt burner
Wax melt burners are only designed to have one 4-hour unscented tealight in them.
Whilst it can be tempting to use multiple tealights when you come to use wax melts, it’s really not a good idea.
We want you to safely use wax melts and this is an important factor to consider.

Wax melt burners are only designed to take a certain level of heat and with anything more will subject the wax melt burner to stress which can result in hairline cracks, cracks, fractures or even holes may begin to form, which is not what you want.
If you find any damage to your wax melt burner, you should immediately stop using it and purchase a new one.

WHY? Because the fire risk associated with broken burners is very high. There is high potential that the wax will get too hot and drip onto an open flame causing a fire. Not what anyone wants!
If you are looking for strong smelling wax melts to fill your room, consider getting an extra wax melt burner and extra wax melts.
Using two tealights is not only unsafe; it also burns the fragrance off much faster, meaning that your wax melts won’t last long.

There is no way that you should risk heating your wax melts with two tealights (unless you have a double burner and that is what manufacturing guidelines recommend) as it could cause a fire.
We want you enjoy and to use Wax Melts safely. So please stick to the guidelines and use one tealight to burn your wax melts with.

Don't use an Oil Burner
How NOT to use Wax Melts
Difference between oil burner and wax melt burner
When you come to use wax melts, it is really important to know the difference between an oil burner and a wax melt burner.
Oil burners are different to wax melt burners because their dish is much closer to the heat source.
This means that’s the dish gets hotter much faster, which will result in your wax melts melting faster and won’t last for as long.

So how can you tell the difference between a Wax Melt Burner and an Oil Burner?

A Wax Melt Burner should measure at least 10 cm from the tealight to the well/dish of burner. An Oil burner has a much smaller distance between the heat source and the oil dish, as shown in the image above.
The risk of using an oil burner is that it can cause the wax to melt too rapidly and even heat the fragrance to a dangerous level. It can cause the wax to get too hot and melt out over the dish, which is a huge fire risk.
It can also cause the wax burn off the fragrance must faster and you won’t be able to smell it all.

It’s always important to use wax melts safely and to never take any ‘short cuts’ because something is on offer. The long term cost could massively outweigh the small monetary saving.

Using the Freezer

How NOT to use Wax Melts
How to get wax melts out
We are sure that you have all seen the helpful tips about putting your burner in the freezer so that you can easily scoop the wax out. This advice really isn’t helpful.
Whilst it does allow the wax to pop out the used wax easily, the cold temperature of the freezer can cause temperature stress, which in turn can cause your wax burner to experience hairline cracks, cracks and fractures.

Wax melt burners shouldn’t be subjected to high or low temperature extremes, as it causes stress on the materials which can become damaged and then become a fire hazard.
This obviously isn’t what you want as it can drastically shorten the life span of your wax melt burners. If you do experience any crack in your burner, it is essential to stop using it immediately and replace it due to the fire risk.

There is nothing worse than blaming the wax or burner when a lot of the time it is due to your own negligence.

We know that our products are of the highest quality with great hot throws, so please follow the correct guidelines to get the best from your wax melt. 

Please be safe at all times everyone,

Shelly & Dave