We have lots and lots out of stock right now, this is due to a few factors....

We are already on our second major sale this year, we had to move premises which meant we had no chance of pouring due to relocation again and we had to throw A LOT of melts away due to the cold of our previous workspace temperature affecting our stock.

This has been a major blow for us, but it has given us a chance to step back and look at where we are right now.

We are selling our melts at a reduced price til Tuesday at 9am, this is a little Bank holiday weekend sale, which will help us to clear our stock and give us room to repour lots of wax melts in a few weeks.

This brings us on to our new wax that we will be using very soon. Our supplier changed our original wax which meant us finding another to work with. Our current wax works well, but not as good as the wax we started with at the beginning of our journey.

So we can't wait for our delivery to arrive , when we can start to pour some amazing products for you, these will be better than ever and we think you'll notice the difference too! 

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