Hey everyone,

Today we release our brand new fragranced clam shell. Simply called SHE ROCKS.

This is a beautiful fragrance with an alternative design and dedicated to the memory of Sophie Lancaster.

If you don't know the history of the Sophie Lancaster murder then please read:

Sophie Lancaster was a young woman who was murdered for being different. She and her boyfriend were creative, artistic people who dressed in their own unique way. They were attacked by a gang of five boys in a park in Bacup, Lancashire on 11 August 2007. The gang attacked Sophie’s boyfriend first and then turned on her, carrying out a brutal and sustained attack. Sophie remained in hospital for 13 days, before following medical advice, the family agreed to life support being switched off. Sophie died on 24 August 2007; she was just 20 years old.

We at Valley Rose Candles come from a background of alternative music. I have played guitar and drums in many rock and metal bands most of my life, Michelle and our sons love rock music and metal.

To think that someone thought it was ok to attack someone because of looking "different" is totally barbaric and honestly leaves me speechless. I can't even begin to imagine the emotional pain and distress that I personally would feel if this was one of my sons.

The murder was unjust and should NEVER have happened. The SOPHIE LANCSTER FOUNDATION has helped many many people and has had so much support since its initial beginning, and with the passing of Sophie's mum Sylvia Lancaster O.B.E recently we would like to do our little bit too.

So when you purchase our SHE ROCKS soy wax clam shell we will donate £1.00 from every sale to the SOPHIE LANCASTER FOUNDATION 


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